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“The people of the 138th District deserve true representation. As your State Representative, I will make decisions that align with my constituents. I have the courage and fortitude to stand up for what is right and stand against special interests and political agendas. This is the right time for a change, and I am the right choice to be your representative.”
With over 10 different education funding formulas, the methods by which the State funds its schools are incredibly convoluted.  The State needs to adopt a comprehensive, long-term solution to funding education with the student and student needs at its core. 


For years, Danbury has not received its fair share of the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula.  Prior to a new formula currently being phased in over ten years, the ECS formula was frozen and did not fluctuate with student enrollment.  While other districts were overfunded, Danbury was - and still is - underfunded by Connecticut.  Rachel will continue to advocate for Danbury students to receive what they are due now and not after they’ve graduated.


Connecticut is already one of the highest taxed states in the country and the legislature is solely focused on ways to increase revenue, rather than decrease spending.  Connecticut is one of the few states to have Income Tax, Property Tax, Gas Tax, and Vehicle Tax.  Many new and increased taxes, often disguised as otherwise positive initiatives, have further burdened taxpayers. We are taxed everywhere we go, from the gas pump to the grocery store.  Connecticut must stop nickel-and-diming its residents. 

As a resident of Danbury who used to commute to New York, Rachel is adamantly opposed to highway tolls.  Tolls would have a negative impact on the economy of our city as they would hurt the working class and prohibit interstate commerce.


The Government is working for itself and no longer working for the people of Connecticut.  Too much government control is unhealthy and drives cost increases for households and businesses.  Outmigration from Connecticut is a real issue for the state.  The State should work to find ways to attract and retain residents and businesses, especially during this time of pandemic recovery.  Rachel will work to support a fiscally responsible budget, one that supports a healthy economy.


Rachel supports school choice.  Magnets, charters, state technical high schools, vocational agricultural schools, and open choice programs are all public school options serving CT students and providing families a menu of opportunities. Danbury taxpayers pay into all of these separate budget line items, but do not have equal access in comparison to other cities.  Danbury is the only large city in Connecticut without a public charter school.


Rachel highly respects and supports the difficult work of our Police Officers.  Danbury prides itself for its low crime rate due to the hard work of our law enforcement officers.  As Board Chair, Rachel greatly values the partnership between the Danbury Police Department and the Danbury Public Schools.  The State should not put the safety of the police and the public at more risk. 

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